If you in or near Abingdon and are looking to sell a used or junk car, we would appreciate the opportunity to make you a cash offer. We make the whole process of selling your used or junk car incredibly easy, and can have cash in your hand today. We buy all kinds of cars, trucks and SUVs;

  • Junk cars that haven't run in years
  • Cars and trucks in need of major repairs
  • Junk cars and SUVs that just broke down on the side of the road
  • Used cars and trucks that you can no longer afford the payment for
  • Cars that are run well
  • Cars and trucks that sometimes run
  • Cars in Abingdon that have been in an accident
  • Junk cars that are only worth their weight in recycled steel

We are a family owned professional car buying company with decades of experience. That experience means that we make the process of selling your car fast and easy, that we pay more cash for your car than anyone, and that we can pick up and pay you for your car anywhere in or around Abingdon within hours.

We recognize that you have some options when you are looking to sell a used or junk car in Abingdon. We have worked long and hard to ensure that we will be your best option. Please Contact Us by phone, or use our simple Online Form. Either way, if you spend a few minutes telling us about your car, truck, or SUV, we will be able to make the biggest cash offer possible within minutes.

If you accept, then you only need to tell us where and when to pick up your vehicle. We'll work around your busy life. All of our towing professionals in Abingdon are licensed and insured, and we'll show up on time with the promised cash in hand.

Selling your junk car doesn't have to be complicated. Give us a call, or fill out our short form, and you'll quickly see that we are the best way to sell a car in Abingdon.

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